Wyrmwood Tabletop Tiles Game Trays

Created by Wyrmwood Gaming

Tabletop Tile Component Organizers are a brand new, modular system from Wyrmwood to help organize and enhance your game night. Designed with both board games and RPGs in mind, there's options for every gamer and game group, and the modular nature of the system makes it easy to choose the best configuration for your needs. Magnets installed on each side of a Tabletop Tile organizer allow it to connect to others and be removed or re-positioned at any time. Posts allow Tabletop Tile organizers to be stacked and nested for easy storage. The cups are also color-coded to mark the "north" side of each tile for proper magnet orientation on the table. Integrated coasters on the underside of most Tiles means that even when you're not gaming, your Tabletop Tile component organizers will continue to earn their place on your table. Each Tabletop Tile game organizer is available in our beautiful array of domestic and exotic hardwoods. You can choose a different wood for each Tile component organizer you order, or opt for a matched set. Can't decide? Love variety? Choose "Roll The Dice" on any product to receive the item in a randomly chosen wood (Cherry price and up)! If ordering multiple Roll The Dice items, they're guaranteed to be different woods! Say goodbye to your messy game table. Order your Tabletop Tile component organizers today!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Mid-February Fulfillment Update
8 days ago – Sat, Feb 15, 2020 at 08:30:23 PM

Hello everybody!

Hope you're keeping warm out there this February. This month is proceeding well. From our shipping numbers, about half of the orders for the month have shipped, which puts us squarely on track for February.

Unfortunately, though, we may run into some issues with accessories (to be clear, we solely refer to dice, meeples, etc., and not Tabletop Tiles products themselves). We're working to avoid it as best we can, but we are facing supplier setbacks that we may not be able to work around, at least in the short term.

We'll know more in the coming weeks the scope of the problem, and hopefully we'll be able to work around it, but, as I'm sure many of you are aware, global supply chains are being heavily impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak, and unfortunately a number of our accessories fall into this category. When we know the scope of the issue, we'll determine a course of action, which may need to include shipping out orders without some accessories and filling those later, once we're able to restock. Again, for now we're pushing ahead and this should not impact many February orders, if any. We'll give more details in the next update, so please hold off on asking about specific orders yet, if you'd be so kind.

Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to completing fulfillment! Thank you, as always, for your support.

~ Wyrmwood

January Fulfillment Concluded, February Fulfillment In Progress Now!
22 days ago – Sun, Feb 02, 2020 at 01:56:24 AM

Hello, Backers!

Well, it's a new month, and as hopefully all of you January backers are aware by now - we were able to get all of the January pledges out by the end of the month! We've actually already shipped a handful of February pledges, as well.

We're moving into an aggressive schedule, where every week we target a third of backers' orders for that month (ideally, around 35 pledges should ship every weekday). If we hit that target, the month is totally fulfilled by the end of the third week. Of course, oftentimes we'll be waiting on a small number of items for various reasons. All of those holes are flagged as they come up, and the fourth week is reserved for dealing with any of them that haven't been resolved, and making sure all of the month's orders are shipped. This plan seems to have worked very well this month, so we're feeling quite optimistic about the rest of the fulfillment, and it's a model we're likely to stick to with future campaigns, as well.

If you're in January, and haven't received your pledge, double-check your email for tracking info, and then get in touch and we'll be happy to look into it. There ARE a number of backers in every tier that did not fill out their surveys, and thus we are currently unable to ship them anything - and it's always possible there's some other issue, but in any event, we'll be happy to get to the bottom of it with you.

Communication & Updates

Moving forward, we're going to be keeping a rather strict rule for all active Kickstarter campaigns, which will be to send an update on the 1st and 15th of each month, starting today. Most of these will be brief check-ins to let you know whether things are or are not on track, share some photos of work in progress, and just let you know we're all still here.

On inactive projects - ones that have concluded fulfillment, or where it hasn't yet begun - we'll issue updates on just the 1st of the month, as there will naturally be less to discuss, and that information will be less urgent, since shipment isn't ongoing.

That's about all we have to touch on right now - for those of you with your Tiles, thanks so much for emailing, tweeting and posting your shots of them in action - we love seeing them in use, so please keep it up!

As always, we greatly appreciate all of your support and patience as we work through the remaining fulfillment.

~ Wyrmwood

Happy Holidays from Wyrmwood!
2 months ago – Tue, Dec 24, 2019 at 12:11:59 AM

Hello everyone!

Having shipped out the remaining 2019 pledges last week, we're preparing to shut down for a much needed 2-day break. By now the vast majority of 2019 Tabletop Tiles should have found their way to their respective homes, and we hope you're enjoying them.

We just wanted to issue a quick update to thank all of you for your patience with our hurdles during fulfillment, and wish you a happy, healthy holiday season.

Thank you, and we'll be in touch - 2020 is almost here, and January orders are already in production and headed for fulfillment. More to come soon, but for now, best wishes to you and your families as the year draws to a close. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays - and good gaming to you all. :)

~ Wyrmwood

2019 Fulfillment Update & Final Rolling Tile Photos
3 months ago – Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 01:51:35 AM

Hey everyone!

We wanted to check in and give you an update on how fulfillment is going. Let's dive right in!


As we continue to ship orders, we've restructured fulfillment a bit to ensure we can get all the orders out in a timely fashion, as quickly as possible. Due to the complexity in some of the larger RTD orders, we're pivoting to produce these orders as product runs, rather than filling them as we're able based on inventory. This should have two positive effects - first, it ensures these orders are 100% filled and ready to ship when the run is complete, and second, pulling the specific, rare woods for these orders will not jam up all of the smaller orders that need those same pieces.

Obviously, fulfillment for this campaign is a very complex beast, but we're charging on and we do believe we will meet our currently stated goal of having all 2019 pledges mailed to arrive for the holidays.

Wyrmwood Kickstarter Policy Change

Our recent projects, while all successfully completed and fulfilled, have had some delays in fulfillment. While this is typical on Kickstarter, where you're going from a concept to producing in massive numbers, it falls short of the standards we set for ourselves.

As a result, beginning with this project and extending to all projects moving forward, we'll be issuing $25 WyrmwoodGaming.com gift certificates to any backers whose shipping date falls outside of estimates. In practical terms, this means that all 2019 backers of this campaign will be receiving these. Most will receive these digitally, though a small number are getting physical gift cards packed with their pledge. These will be issued beginning next week, so be on the lookout!

Thank you for your support and understanding as we work through the complexity and challenges with this fulfillment.

Rolling Tile Photos

As some of you are aware, the Rolling Tile received a design update prior to production. This update was done to strengthen the design, and allow us to use the same magnets in the Rolling Tile as in all others, rather than the less secure alternative we used in the prototype. We wanted to close out this update with some photos of the new look here, for those that haven't seen it yet.

The Final Design of the Rolling Tile, pictured in Purpleheart, Canarywood & Kingwood

~ Wyrmwood

November: Shipping Progress & Details
3 months ago – Fri, Nov 15, 2019 at 08:06:14 PM

Hello everyone!

As we near the mid-point of November, we've shifted our process somewhat and have some solid information for you, which we know you've been waiting for!  Let's dive right in.

First, the bad news: we're still shipping out October pledges, as you're no doubt aware. October production is 100% complete at this point, so it's purely pulling and shipping. Getting some systems in place and solid procedures for pulling some orders took longer than anticipated, but we've got those issues ironed out and have some solid systems in place now. November fulfillment is being queued up, but not yet begun in earnest.

While we always do our best to anticipate the demands of fulfillment, you never know the weak points in a system until you actually start using it, which made us need to revise things during the October fulfillment.  The stress points we're discussing, some of you already know from the comments, but we'll give more details below.  For those of you just interested in the bottom line, feel free to skip over this section to "When Will I Get My Stuff?" below. For those of you interested in the nitty gritty, read on.

Fulfillment Pain Points - The Details

  • Custom Coaster Engravings: Properly processing and ensuring accuracy on orders with art coasters or Devin Rue coasters posed some difficulty.
  • Large Roll The Dice orders: RTD was different in this campaign than in any prior one we've run. Instead of assembling matched sets, we guaranteed that NO RTD items would match (up to the maximum number of woods available in RTD, of course).  There were a higher-than-anticipated number of orders with large quantities of RTD, and while our production can handle that, a method for prioritizing and pulling these orders needed to get worked out. In every other wave, these orders will be pulled out and filled at the top of the RTD priority list, so that we can get the most challenging orders out first.
  • Shipping: Fulfillment for Tabletop Tiles is inherently complex and difficult, and pulling these orders is a much more painstaking process than standard orders, especially when RTD enters into it.  This makes shipping them slower than standard orders.  As a result, we've had to alter our shipping department to devote more resources to the fulfillment of this project than anticipated.  Specifically, we've got a full-time shipper (our primary shipping employee) working full-time on Tabletop Tiles shipping, with additional labor pitching in to take on the more routine website shipping. We always scale up our shipping department for the holidays, but we've done so earlier than planned this year to keep this project moving.

When Will I Get My Stuff?

Okay, so the important information: as stated in the last update, ALL October and November tier pledges will be shipped in time for Christmas this year.  As November pledges wind up, there may be some October stragglers still due, and November pledges will certainly be shipped into December, as well, so it's hard to give hard and fast rules about when October will be 100% shipped, but we are holding the line that all 2019 pledges will be shipped in 2019.

At this point, we have ~175 pledges remaining to ship in October, almost exclusively RTD and custom engravings. November is being queued up and prepared now, and production for the November pledges is ~75% complete.  This is just an estimate, as it can be difficult to determine the precise figure given Roll The Dice in October still being outstanding.  However, our production is proceeding well.

If you're curious about our rate of production, at present we are producing six runs of 30-50 Tiles per day.  The run size varies, but daily Tabletop Tile production is about 180-300 units.  Meaning we are consistently producing 900-1,500 Tabletop Tiles per week at present. So any adjustments are less about raw production power and more about laser focusing on the right wood mix and specific Tiles needed for given orders, which we continue to do as needed to plug any holes in inventory. This continues to be a logistical challenge with Roll The Dice especially, but we're focusing on it and will continue to improve throughout fulfillment.

That's about all the essential information we've got at this time. Thank you for your support and patience, and we hope the added delays aren't proving too detrimental. If you have any questions concerning your order, of course, please send us a direct message; we're always available to help.

As your pledges continue to arrive, we hope you're enjoying them, and getting in some good gaming - the holidays are rapidly approaching, and a great time for unplugging, gathering around the table and connecting with each other over a game.  Here's wishing you a lot of laughs, close games and, as always, a natural 20 right when you need it most!

~ Wyrmwood