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Wyrmwood Tabletop Tiles Game Trays

Created by Wyrmwood Gaming

Tabletop Tile Component Organizers are a brand new, modular system from Wyrmwood to help organize and enhance your game night. Designed with both board games and RPGs in mind, there's options for every gamer and game group, and the modular nature of the system makes it easy to choose the best configuration for your needs. Magnets installed on each side of a Tabletop Tile organizer allow it to connect to others and be removed or re-positioned at any time. Posts allow Tabletop Tile organizers to be stacked and nested for easy storage. The cups are also color-coded to mark the "north" side of each tile for proper magnet orientation on the table. Integrated coasters on the underside of most Tiles means that even when you're not gaming, your Tabletop Tile component organizers will continue to earn their place on your table. Each Tabletop Tile game organizer is available in our beautiful array of domestic and exotic hardwoods. You can choose a different wood for each Tile component organizer you order, or opt for a matched set. Can't decide? Love variety? Choose "Roll The Dice" on any product to receive the item in a randomly chosen wood (Cherry price and up)! If ordering multiple Roll The Dice items, they're guaranteed to be different woods! Say goodbye to your messy game table. Order your Tabletop Tile component organizers today!

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Tabletop Tiles Game Trays

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